Computer Science and Engineering Program

Program Overview

From rockets to robotics, Trinity STEM students are being equipped with the skills they need to solve problems on Earth and in space. Students who are interested in STEM can progress through a pipeline that will prepare them for post-secondary studies or careers. Starting in elementary grades, students are introduced to coding through and learn graphical programming to problem-solve.

In middle school, students can take a coding elective where they are introduced to computer science as a way to problem-solve. They also create a personal website using HTML and complete hands-on labs with electronics and circuit boards. Additionally, the students will complete class projects which include robots, computer games, and rocket flights so they will be prepared for the transition to high school.

When students advance to high school, their skills become more refined. Students in the program have the opportunity to further expand their skills and build their résumé through summer internships in real-life work environments with various companies and government agencies. Students also participate in competitions such as the Congressional App Challenge and the NASA App Development Challenge.

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