Step by step

Can you imagine navigating through life without maps, manuals, or instructions? From performing science experiments to recreating a favorite recipe, it’s no accident that instructions are listed step by step. While each action may not… Continue Reading

Picking up the pace

Distance runners are in it for the long haul. The best of them know how to maintain a steady pace. They also know when it’s time to pick it up. The pace naturally quickens at this… Continue Reading

Making introductions

Our lives are filled with introductions. As soon as we breathe our first breath, we meet new people and have new experiences. With each additional year of healthy growth and development, our knowledge base broadens… Continue Reading

A welcome freeze

Local weather forecasters have had it rough lately. Day after day they have the unenviable task of predicting record-breaking temperatures. It seems we are in an endless deep freeze. When the thermometer is reading sub-zero temperatures, it’s… Continue Reading

No ordinary day

We love to celebrate our students! They work hard, and we enjoy shining a spotlight on them and their achievements. Yet, for every memorable performance, game, or competition, there are many moments that go unnoticed. Business-as-usual days… Continue Reading

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