What does courage look like? Do you picture a first responder running into a raging fire? Or Daniel, facing the lions unafraid? We each have a list people who embody courage to us. For those… Continue Reading

Good soil

The parable of the sower is a common one. Jesus, speaking of sowing seeds on a different types of ground, made it clear that good soil was key to yielding a crop. At Trinity, we… Continue Reading

Are we there yet?

If you’ve ever traveled with children you’ve probably heard those 4 dreaded words, “Are we there yet?” Sometimes we’re so anxious to reach our destination, we forget to enjoy the journey. As parents, it’s easy… Continue Reading

Simple gifts

Every day is filled with simple gifts. As a school community, we share gifts of discovery, friendship, and growth. These gifts are passed from teacher to student, mentor to mentee, and friend to friend. But, ultimately, they… Continue Reading

Living a legacy

This past weekend we celebrated 20 years since the opening of Trinity High School. We celebrated the board members and educators and parents who devoted countless hours and resources to create a new school; one… Continue Reading

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