Mid-term reflections

How can it be that we’re midway through the first semester of the school year? The first nine weeks of 2015-16 are now a part of Trinity history. At this point, the faces of new students and… Continue Reading


Where would we be without the innovators, the trailblazers thinking outside the box? Those who see beyond what is now to what can be? What does it take to be a pioneer? Vision, guts, perseverance all come… Continue Reading

Hearts and hands

We use our hands in so many ways: to create, to learn, to express, and to bless. In the classroom, hands-on learning helps our students with their comprehension and retention of the subject matter. In relationships,… Continue Reading

Feeling connected

It’s kind of crazy. Through technological advances, our world is more connected than ever, yet it seems that we aren’t as interconnected with each other as previous generations. As a school, we see the value… Continue Reading


TLC: it’s one of those catchphrases that has almost lost its meaning due to overuse. Yet when you take a minute to think on each word, most of us would admit that we like to be… Continue Reading

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