Trinity Top Ten – Summer 2015

Summer break: the name says it all! Marked by backyard campfires and snacking on s’mores, family reunions and days at the beach, the summer months provide a welcome break from the school year routine. Summer is the perfect time to break from the normal blog routine, as well. Here are ten random facts about Trinity. Hopefully, you’ll find them interesting. And maybe you’ll learn something new!


Trinity Top 10  – Summer 2015

Campers create masks for Music and Drama Camp.


10.    Our students can’t stay away. Throughout the summer, our students have been on campus to volunteer, attend a summer or band camp, or participate in the 3-week summer athletic practice sessions.


Volunteers from the community help with Mad City Money in March 2015.

9.    Our fourth and fifth-grade students are taught Latin. 


8.    The welcome mat is out. Guests visited our classrooms and chapels over 90 times during the 2014-15 school year, sharing their expertise and their time.


7.    Sixth-grade students will pilot the 1:1 device program for the 2015-16 school year.

Features like “Visual Shelf Browse” bring the TCS library to students wherever they may be.




6.    We have a library website. Using their login credentials, students can search for and hold books, create book lists and reviews, and much more.

5.    New doors continue to open for our students. Starting with the 2015-16 school year, seniors will be given the opportunities to take dual-credit classes on the WVU campus.

Only twenty years to go!


4.    We want to remember our history. There is a time capsule buried on the school property to be opened in the year 2035.


3.    The Trinity Warrior Band is entering its third year. Here’s a sneak peek of their upcoming field show.


Student Body President Dominic Raymond gives his valedictorian speech at graduation in May.


2.    The list is growing. With his 2015 acceptance to the Air Force Academy, Dominic Raymond became the third Trinity graduate to receive an appointment to a military academy, joining alumni Nate Webster (West Point) and Kris Warner (Air Force). Read about other honors that the TCS class of 2015 received here.

1.    All thirteen of our English AP students passed the exam this past May!

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