Turning the page

It’s a fresh new year and new stories are being written.

Before we look ahead to 2017, let’s go back to one story in Trinity history. In the spring of 2012, Trinity fielded the first high school track program. At that moment, a dream began to unfold for Brianna Kerekes.

Running was always Brianna’s passion, but Trinity didn’t have a track program when she entered high school. Since attending a Christian school was a priority for her, she used her athleticism to compete in softball, basketball, and volleyball instead. When the coach at the time, Lori DeVault, announced the addition of a high school track program during Brianna’s senior year, she seized the opportunity. Despite having no prior competitive experience in the sport, Brianna not only achieved All-State honors, she is now an accomplished Division I athlete in cross-country and track at WVU. Brianna is competing in her final season as a Mountaineer as she wraps up her studies in the Occupational Therapy Program at WVU this summer.

Brianna Kerekes competing for Trinity in 2012.

Brianna’s story, while a dramatic one, is not unique. Although our students don’t always continue with athletic competition beyond graduation, our alumni have moved on to practice medicine, work as engineers, pharmacists, editors, teachers, coaches, ministers, attorneys, financial professionals, and the list goes on. Were they also encouraged to follow their dream by a coach or a teacher? Was the inspiration for their career sparked by a classroom discussion or a chapel service?

2017 is a new year with new possibilities. What gifts will be “fanned into flame” within our students this year? What goals will be achieved or dreams reached? We are privileged to be a part of this new chapter in the lives of our students.


A few Trinity volleyball players and the high school girls’ volleyball coach, Sarah Lasher, took in some of the NCAA Volleyball Championship Tournament recently.

The high school boys’ basketball team gained valuable playing experience at the Jefferson Tournament in December. Cheering on our basketball teams is a great way to spend cold winter evenings. Go Warriors!!

img_6279 img_6273

Elementary students pay bi-monthly visits to the school library. During this class period, students were found exploring books in groups and reading individually.


In lieu of a traditional book report, fourth-grade students designed games inspired by the books they read. After completing their games, they each had the opportunity to play their classmates’ creations.img_6268 img_6263The development of reading skills is an important part of early education. What these young readers be inspired to achieve in the coming days and years?

In a fun family activity, parents and children developed their painting skills side by side at a school-sponsored iPaint party.







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