Senior moments

These days at Trinity are filled with senior moments, though not the typical memory lapses that plague members of the older generation. Rather, these senior moments are comprised of laughter and tears, selfies and group… Continue Reading

On the road

Gas tank full? Check. Snacks and drinks for the kids? Check. Is everybody buckled in? Check. And, no, we’re not there, yet. It’s field trip time. Our teachers, students, and parents are taking advantage of… Continue Reading

For all you do

“They support each student and they are always kind.” “They take the time to teach us and love us and respect us even though it might be hard to.” “I appreciate them because they are… Continue Reading


The school year is building to a crescendo, as a glance at the Trinity calendar will show. It’s easy to be caught up in the momentum of activity and miss one important thing: each event that… Continue Reading

Staying on track

Running a race requires stamina and strength. To finish, a runner must also stay within the boundaries of the course or track. No matter how hard they run or how fast they are going, if… Continue Reading

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