Make new friends

Do you remember the old scout song? “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” ~ Unknown The classroom environment, sports, clubs, and extra-curricular activities, afford our students many… Continue Reading


Wouldn’t it be nice to build muscle without breaking a sweat? And not many of us would mind acing a quiz for which we never studied. But what about when you strain to sing the… Continue Reading

Busy Bees

It may be winter, but our school has been swarming with bees: spelling bees, history bees, and geography bees. Amid the regular classwork, our students have been busy with a variety of competitions and activities.… Continue Reading

Show me your snow day

Winter storm Jonas packed a pretty mean punch in our area, wreaking havoc on the school’s schedule. Our resourceful students didn’t let a record snowfall go to waste, however. We asked them to share their snow… Continue Reading


How long would it take for a fifth-grader to weave 100 paper hearts by themselves? Sounds like a daunting task for someone to tackle on their own. Yet, when a whole class works together it’s… Continue Reading

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